Drone and satellite AI for map and GIS

We utilized state-of-the-art and our own technologies based on computer vision, object detection, image segmentation and image processing to bring AI into this field. Our solution is a part of big pipeline that can do the following:

  • Detect objects, determine its types and geometry on images from drone or satellite
  • Recognize buildings and their geometry, including roofs layout, building type, its height and size
  • Recognize roads, lakes, rivers, and put them on the map
  • Analise forests configuration, detect changes over time by comparing with previous observations

Social Network Auto-reply Assistant

Chat bot engine built for smart user-imitated answers and keeping conversation even if you’re busy in situations like:
  • work
  • driving
  • sleeping
  • hanging with family

Green energy power generating forecast

Energy generation predictions for green energy using:

  • weather forecast
  • historical data
  • specific features that can be learned from various time-series based data

Neural Networks, deep learning and classic algorithms used for this problem.