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Global companies database enriched with AI

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Problem and task description

The total amount of companies all over the world is approaching to ~200 millions. Some businesses need to be able to get actual and exhaustive information about other companies – size, capitalization, whether company is public or not, where and when it was registered. It is also important to know history of growth, general sentiment is media that mentions the company, important news list and business connections with other companies.

Our solution

We contributed to solution that learns historical data and actual list of all the companies in the world from public databases, mentions in news, blogs and other sources. Database contains the list of companies with information about them, which is kept in up-to-date state by AI/ML that checks lots the structured sources and examines unstructured internet sources for mentioning important information about them.

Service checks all the updates in many public sources and AI carefully learns unstructured web data to keep this information up-to-date.