Drone and satellite AI for map and GIS

We utilized state-of-the-art and our own technologies based on computer vision, object detection, image segmentation and image processing to bring AI into this field. Our solution is a part of big pipeline that can do the following:

  • Detect objects, determine its types and geometry on images from drone or satellite
  • Recognize buildings and their geometry, including roofs layout, building type, its height and size
  • Recognize roads, lakes, rivers, and put them on the map
  • Analise forests configuration, detect changes over time by comparing with previous observations

Global companies database enriched with AI

We contributed to solution that learns historical data and actual list of all the companies in the world from public databases, mentions in news, blogs and other sources. Database contains the list of companies with information about them, which is kept in up-to-date state by AI/ML that checks lots the structured sources and examines unstructured internet sources for mentioning important information about them.

Service checks all the updates in many public sources and AI carefully learns unstructured web data to keep this information up-to-date.

Social Network Auto-reply Assistant

Chat bot engine built for smart user-imitated answers and keeping conversation even if you’re busy in situations like:
  • work
  • driving
  • sleeping
  • hanging with family

Green energy power generating forecast

Energy generation predictions for green energy using:

  • weather forecast
  • historical data
  • specific features that can be learned from various time-series based data

Neural Networks, deep learning and classic algorithms used for this problem.

Crowd behavior patterns recognition and age/gender estimation

  • We’ve developed a service, capable of processing huge amounts of data from a significant number of cameras, providing a real-time people detection, tracking and re-identification.
  • We’ve developed and successfully implemented the original method for age/gender estimation on low quality videos.
  • For the task of people counting we’ve used a combination of several crowd counting methods.